• August 2006
    S M T W T F S
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lights, camera, action!

After watching the “behind the scenes” dvd of Pirates of the Caribbean, my kids decided, with all their friends who live nearby, to make a movie about ninjas.

All weekend long, they’ve practiced, had “auditions,” and worked on the screen play. This afternoon, they did a practice run and then tried to “shoot” their movie with our camcorder.

They got frustrated with one boy because he kept beating his stomach & making it jiggle in front of the camera. Evidently, this has nothing to do with ninjas & was not part of their storyline.

They said he ruined their movie.

They’re back in the “pre-production” stage coming up with a new idea. Perhaps they’ll write in a part that includes the stomach beating boy so he will not feel left out.

They’re so funny.

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  1. How funny. You should do a documentary of their pre-production work 😉

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