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Things I’ve overheard in the past few hours

(As La Bamba came on Radio Disney)
A: I love this Hawaiian Chinese sounding song!
B: It’s Spanish.
A: Oh. Yeah. Whatever. (continues to sing song)

B: It’s just natural flatulence.

B: Mom! She gave me a wedgie!

A: When I wore red shorts & they got wet, it turned my socks red. I should try that again, it was cool.

B: Nobody wants to hear Zac Efron singing on the radio.
C: Then I must be NOBODY, because I do.

B: TACOS! I love tacos! Can I help?
B: Look at how big this bowl of grated cheese is.. and it was only half the block!

A: It’s just a butterfly.
C: Butterflies can be very vicious (said in a very serious tone of voice).

A: They’re eating flapjacks. (referring to actors in Tuck Everlasting)
C: They’re pancakes.
A: They look like the same thing to me.

Sissy Spacek: Let’s not let conversation ruin a perfectly good meal.
(Tuck Everlasting)

C: (laughing) Just let me go home.. go home to me bloody father.
A: I cannot believe you just said that.

C: That guy is scary looking. (referring to an actor in Tuck Everlasting)
A: Yeah. He needs a facial.
C: He needs a haircut.
A: And a facial. And maybe plastic surgery too.. to make him look friendlier.
C: What’s with you & the facial?
A: I just like saying it. Facial.

A: They’re always wearing the same clothes. (again.. actors in Tuck Everlasting)
C: Who?
A: Them. Right there. How do their clothes always look clean if they always are wearing them?
C: Must be when they go swimming.
A: At least their underwear probably gets washed.
C: Ewww.

C: How tall is the Eifel Tower?
A: 6,152 steps.
C: Is that over 20 feet?
A: Duh.

A: Do you think they eat cheese?
C: Good grief! Everyone eats cheese except people who don’t like it!
A: Maybe they don’t eat it if they’re lactose intolerant.
C: What’s lactose intolerant?
A: Makes them have gas.
C: Yuck.

B: Do you remember who your school cafeteria manager was in 1977?
me: No.
B: Why not? It’s right here in your yearbook!
me: Sorry. I just don’t remember.
B: well.. it was ____________.
me: Thanks for the reminder.

I’m feeling quite educated after listening to my children these past few hours.

These days, I’m easily entertained.. can you tell?

2 Responses

  1. LOL Kids are so cool.

  2. That was hysterical!!! Thanks for the entertainment. ~ Joe

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