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13th birthday

Saturday was my oldest daughter’s 13th birthday.
We had a swimming party.

Music + swimming + friends + cousins + pizza + cupcakes + ice cream + later on a movie +slumber party = FUN!

My mom called her from China. She had reception on her cel phone.. amazing, I think!


Tonight I had my first experience with canned spaghetti sauce as spaghetti sauce. I’ve used it before as pizza sauce, for eggplant parmesan or chicken parmesan, even for baked ziti. But never for spaghetti.

It wasn’t so bad. Not the same as Mom’s homemade sauce, but great for a quick dinner.

Thursday Thirteen

13 things about Titanium

1. My sister & her family are moving here next week.

2. They are buying a house 5 miles away from me.

3. It’s been a really long time since I lived close to either of my sisters. I’m looking forward to it.

4. This week at work has been very busy & stressful. Instead of working with the 2 facilities I normally work with, I’m doing billing for 2 hospitals that are completely new to me, since several people are out on vacation this week.

5. My kids are finally getting a little bored with summer & are starting to seem a bit happy about school starting next month.

6. I’ve gotten all the younger two kids’ school supplies.. and saved quite a bit of $$ by shopping the sales.

7. I’ve gotten basic supplies for junior high daughter’s classes. We’ll pick up the rest after she is given the list on the first day of school.

8. Did you know that baby carrots fit nicely inside a human child’s nostril? I had never thought about it.. until it was demonstrated for me last night. I’ll never look at baby carrots the same again.

9. Oldest daughter will be 13 on Saturday. I still am not grasping that I will have a teenager by the end of the week. Seems strange to be old enough to have a teenager.

10. Dobby has begun to learn a new song. We’re working on the opening of “Dixie.”

11. Oldest daughter wants another betta (fish) and a rabbit for her birthday.

12. She just told me that she’d also like a turtle. Do you buy turtles at petstores?

13. If my kids (especially oldest daughter) had their way, we’d have an entire houseful of animals living with us.

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letters to the ex

This afternoon, I mentioned to the kids that I thought writing a letter to their dad every couple of weeks would be a good idea, since they don’t see or don’t talk to him very often. I talked it up.. saying how it would be good for him to know about their lives…. their friends, school, grades, activities, interests.. what they’ve been up to.. and that maybe he’d write back. They love getting mail, so that would be a great thing!

The resistance came out in force… they said they don’t want to write to him.. that he doesn’t even know how old they are or what grades they’re entering in school this year. I told them that this would help remedy that problem & might foster a better relationship between them.

What’s sad is that the ex lives only 6 hours away. Until 2 years ago, he lived 1 1/2 hours away & still didn’t see them very much. He has never chosen to exercise his every other weekend visitation because he said it’s just not convenient for him. Yep. He chooses to not see them. Oh yeah.. he has excuses and to hear him tell it, he’s a great dad who just cannot get away to see his children who are out of state.. but the out of state kids feel rejected by him & are upset.

I’m not sure if I should push the issue or just let it go. I was hoping that in time, the kids would have a positive relationship with him. I know it’s up to him to build the kind of relationship he wants with the kids.

It’s heartbreaking to see, though.

I see/hear about so many non-custodial parents who would love to have more time with their children but the custodial parent won’t allow a minute extra. Non-custodial parents who are willing to travel halfway across the country after having major knee surgery to pick up a child on the court ordered date without even knowing for sure if the custodial parent will have the child available. And here I am, wishing my ex cared enough to make an effort.. to call.. to see them once a month or every 6 weeks.. something.. anything… if he cannot make it happen every other weekend.

In the past, I’ve met him halfway with the kids.. but after having to wait on him for 2 or 3 hours each time, I quit offering to do that.

Now, however, his wife is in Iraq & he doesn’t have a car big enough for 6 kids to ride with seatbelts. I’ve let him come here with their three children to stay in my home & spend time with the kids.. but it’s not worked out so well & it’s not an option any longer.

Anyway, I don’t know what else to do. I feel sad for my children and angry that my ex doesn’t care enough to bother.

I usually don’t think about it much. It doesn’t effect our family as much as it used to right after the divorce. It’s been 5 years & now this seems normal to the kids – to live with me & to not see him.

Dark Lord

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been looking for a book that the library says I have. It’s called Dark Lord and is listed on the library site at $26.95 to replace.

Wanting to find it and avoid paying the $26.95, I asked the library to do a book trace, as I was certain I did not have the book in my home any longer. And, I didn’t want to pay $26.95 if I could get the same exact book at a bookstore for around $5.00… as it is a paperback, afterall! BTW, I keep my library books in a bag when they’re not being read so they don’t get misplaced.. have learned that lesson the hard way, believe me.

So, last night I decided I was tired of messing around with this book. I am ready to have it off of my account at the library. I looked at amazon.com to see how much I can find a book called Dark Lord for & vow to have it shipped & take a copy in to the library as a replacement.. and save $20.00 in the process.

Christine Feehan has no books called Dark Lord… only Dark Prince.

I look at the library website at my account to verify that the book’s title is really Dark Lord. Maybe I have it mixed up and it’s Dark Prince. The author’s name listed for the book is not Feehan, but Luceno.

What?? What is this? Not Feehan? Have I been looking for the wrong book all this time?

For the past week or so, I’ve been moving furniture, looking under my bed, in dresser drawers (not sure why a book would be in there.. but you never know with kids where things will turn up), in closets, in kitchen cabinets, to no avail.

I go to at amazon.com again, search for a book called Dark Lord by Luceno.
Guess what? It’s not the book I thought it was. It really is a hardback book worth over $25.00. It’s a stinking Star Wars book that my son finds in 5 seconds on his bookshelf.

It’s going back to the library.. TODAY! I’ll have to pay a $3.00 late fee, since it’s really overdue.. but I’ll be saving $22.00 over the price to replace it!

UGH! I really hate when I do things like this.. and it seems to be happening more & more lately.. as Rachel can verify. Must be the fact that it’s really hot outside.. and that summer has been going on for endless ages. Perhaps my brain is just tired.

Radio Disney

If you have been listening to Radio Disney this afternoon, you may have heard my daughters. Youngest daughter called in to request a song & oldest daughter was squealing in the background. Actually, they were both squealing. They’re thrilled to have been “on the air.”


Mom is leaving for 3 weeks in China today as a delegate for a student ambassadors group.

A few weeks ago, she came home from 3 weeks in Europe.. one week in Italy, one week in France and one week in Spain.

For the China trip, she’s had to have a slew of immunizations (including typhoid) and must take malaria prevention medicine for most of the trip and for a while after she gets home. The disease/immunization part of it is a bit scary…. but I think visiting Xian, Beijiing, Shanghai and other cities that I cannot remember right now, will be amazing.

Seeing photos & hearing stories of the latest adventure is always fun.