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Thursday Thirteen

my son (front left) with his cousin (right)

thirteen pros & cons
of the local pool


1. lots of kids for my children to play with

2. Six lifeguards on duty at all times

3. huge area of pool that gets no deeper than 4 feet

4. only one side of pool has a deeper area for diving,
and that part is roped off

5. several huge swirly slides & a diving area

6. open every day until 8:00pm

7. I can relax & read a book after I’m tired of swimming
and know that my children are safe

8. forced 10 minute rest breaks (potty break) for all
pool patrons under age 15 every couple of hours


9. lots of kids swimming in the pool

10. kids with poor manners running around the poolside,
dripping water on the books of those reading quietly

11. lots of kids… uh.. swimming.. in the pool

12. kids who need to take potty breaks

13. kids. in. the. pool.

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17 Responses

  1. Yup, summer is definitely here! My daughter just started swimming classes so I know about kids and pools! Great T13!

  2. I haven’t been to the local pool in years! I don’t even know where my swimming costume is!

    Have a great TT,
    Elle x

  3. To be perfectly gross, who hasn’t gone potty in the pool?!? I mean, I haven’t myself, but I know lots of people who have confided that they have, at least once.

    Dis-Gus-Ting, if you ask me. (And why do they confide that to ME?)

    I only go swimming when I visit my relatives in Illinois, which isn’t often, if at all. But I like swimming.

    My 13 are up!

  4. Not overly keen on kids in the pool are we lol. BTW my T13 are up.

  5. Ewww I hate/love going to the pool with my son. Same reasons. Except it’s too hot here to just sit out and read.

  6. Your local pool sounds like a resort pool but with more lifeguards ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I was always aparanoid about other peoples kids being in a public pool.

  8. Isn’t there always a band-aid floating in a public pool at LEAST once a day?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great list!

  9. I love swimming but I don’t believe I’ve ever swam in a public pool, mostly at lakes and rivers.

    My list is up. Have a wonderful night. Take-Care..

  10. well…I was gonna take my kids to our local pool one day this week, but… #13 reminded me why I really didnt want too.Along with the fact I dont want to try to get into a swimsuit. Your public pool sounds alot better than mine too.
    My TT is up, finally.

  11. Sounds like your public pool experiences are generally good. Except for the kids dripping all over your books (YUCK, I wouldn’t care for that either) and kids. in. the. pool. Especially if they ummm…take the potty break before they get out to take their official potty breaks. Ewwwww. That could be bad…

  12. I think these kinds of pools are great places to go, it is just the number of people who think so too that make it a less enjoyable experience!

  13. I forgot about TT this week. I did like your list though. By the way, Andrew and I went to the campus outdoor pool together today. Hope all is well with you. Happy belated TT!

  14. Sounds fun! We have a neighborhood pool but I kind of prefer the softsided one in our backyard, even if that means I have to get in with the little one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great header of your son & his cuz.

  15. Ha! The dadblamed book thing just happened to me recently!! but the rude kid was mine! hehehe

  16. That’s a great list!

  17. elle, swimming costume! that is great! I might have to use that one.

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