• June 2006
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Aaaannnddd… they’re off!

This morning was full of the normal events that come with three pre-teens & their varying personalities. Oldest daughter was waiting in the car 15 minutes before we planned to leave. Son was trying to eat one more pancake/sausage on a stick thing before we headed off. Youngest daughter was rushing around, searching for her hairbrush, the lost shoe, her purse…. numerous other things that she “forgot” to pack yesterday & suddenly remembered.

When we got to the church building, we discovered that son forgot his pillow. Luckily oldest daughter packed an extra pillow (obviously she’s the organized one at our house) and offered it to son.

They hugged and kissed me (yes… in front of their friends.. can you believe it??) & got loaded onto the van. About 25 kids from our church are going.

Since I always send them mail when they’re at camp, I’d better get their letters addressed & ready to go out tomorrow so they’ll arrive before camp is over.

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  1. Your oldest daughter sounds like me. I used to get aggravated w/ the younger sibling b/c they didn’t seem to have their head in the game and I always had to take care of them.

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