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I think that song, “Bad Day,” by Daniel Powter is the dumbest song. I really don’t like it. It’s whiney and stupid.

Whenever it comes on the radio (140000000 times a day lately) I change the station or turn it off.

I guess other people like it b/c it’s the number one song in America.. I have no idea why.


Random Conversation

Today, I was washing my hands in the bathroom when a co-worker came in. She went into the stall & after a few seconds, she said, “I think I’ll stop in at Albertson’s on my way home & get some fish for dinner.”

I waited a second.. wondering if she was talking to me or on a cel phone. No more talking, nothing.. so I said, “uhmmm… sounds good,” and left really fast.

I just hate it when people feel the need to talk when they’re on the toilet as if they’re just passing by someone in the hallway. It’s different if you were already talking when entering the bathroom, in my opinion.. but to start a random conversation out of nowhere… just flush or something… talking is really not necessary.


So, I took that same 3 yr old niece to the grocery store tonight to get a few things for Mom. It took an hour. She talked the whole time. I was amazed at her level of energy & how she never ran out of things to say. As we went thru the checkout line, she wanted a ROCKSTAR energy drink! drink.gif Needless to say, I said, “not today, hon.”

We had a lot of fun. People stopped & talked about her curly hair about 10 times, she made horse neighing noises & rode in the buggy.. it’s been YEARS since I had a child in the buggy. She took off her shoes in the PHAT car so she could put her toes on the back seat air conditioner vent. tongue.gif She said it was, “very nice, pretty air.”

Here’s a picture of the little cutie.