• May 2006
    S M T W T F S
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speedbumps, tampons & boy stuff

Youngest daughter told me tonight that she has “speedbumps” and that she thinks she needs a bra.

Oldest daughter was concerned about being able to swim this summer during her monthly cycle.. so we had a talk… about products.

Son is going to be a young man soon, instead of a little boy. I’m dreading the questions.. because I was not raised around boys.. and I have NO answers for him. I hope his dad will step up to the plate.

Where’s that instruction manual that we were supposed to get when these kids were born? I really need one of those books tonight.

One Response

  1. LOL. You’ve got to love it.

    At least you didn’t go blabbing to all your friends and family over the phone when your oldest daughter first got her period. That was mortifying.

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