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Thursday Thirteen

thirteen things I admire about my family

1. Work ethic. My grandparents were hard workers. They taught this to their children. And they, my parents, taught it to my sisters & me in turn. I hope to teach this to my children.

2. Integrity. My parents are the poster children for integrity. They believe in doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.. regardless of circumstance. This is one of their best qualities.

3. Unconditional love. I have learned by watching my parents (with me & my sisters) the meaning of unconditional love. They have not always loved my actions, but they always love me. I’ve never doubted this. It’s a stabilizing force when everything else in life is wobbly.

4. Heart of a teacher. My parents both have the hearts of teachers. They teach what they know and love. They love to share information & knowledge with others. They are effective, kind and intelligent. Great qualities in teachers, I believe.

5. Adventure. My parents have a sense of adventure. They’re willing to try new things, separately and together.

6. Joy. They find joy in simple things, like a sunset, a glass of tea on the deck, a perfectly grilled steak, the smile of a loved one.

7. Friendship. My father has been best friends with the same man since junior high school. They are 57 years old now. They played high school football together, they went to college together, they raised their families in the same town, went to church together, hunt together, travel together. Each Sunday morning, they take turns phoning each other at 8:00am. They have a true friendship that has stood the test of time.. decades. Their example shows me what being a friend is about.

8. Perseverence. My parents keep on going, keep on doing what is right, no matter what. When my parents lost their business in the early 1990’s, instead of filing bankruptcy as many advised them, they buckled up, sold land, sold the house, and worked their bums off to pay off the debt. Each & every penny was paid back. To this day, my dad can do business with those building suppliers.. his word is valuable. He’s earned their trust through his character & perseverence.

9. Faithfulness. My parents love Our Father. They live their lives to honor Him.. each moment.

10. Love. Each of my sisters have blended families. My sisters have shown, by how they live their lives, what the love is. I am honored to be able to call them sisters of mine.

11. Patience. My parents posess infinite amounts of patience. Watching them teach a grandchild how to make cookies or shape dinner rolls is a wonderful example of this.

12. Curiosity. My family, as a whole, is an inquisitive bunch. We are always learning, reading, researching new things.

13. Wisdom. Through life lessons, each of us has become wiser. By listening to those who have gone before us, we learn from their mistakes and gain a bit of their wisdom. By talking with our children about these things, we give them a precious gift.

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10 Responses

  1. great list although I already knew most of those great qualities about your family. I admire you and your family very much. My TT list will be up before you wake up for work on Thursday morning.

  2. I think you took that photo at your Mom’s house huh?


  3. Great List. I wish that you could find more of those values in the families today.

    my tt’s are up.


  4. What a great list. You sound close to your family That’s always good

    My tt is. up

  5. This is a very admirable list…and quite interesting and unique.

    My T -13 is up…hope you come by to see how many you can guess.

  6. Sounds like you have a very warm, loving and carrying family. How blessed you are!

  7. This is a lovely list. A wonderful tribute to your family. I wish mine was like that. But except for my parents and brother I really don’t have contact with anyone else in my family. But that’s OK… I have special friends that have been in my life for what seems like forever… and they make up my family.

  8. Wow, you have a lot to admire about them!

  9. Your family sounds great. You should print this out for them.

  10. Great family. You really got me thinking . . .

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