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bird rescue

This afternoon about an hour after I got home, son came in & said that a neighbor boy had found a torn up bird’s nest that had 3 little baby birds in it. Youngest daughter went to see about it & came home with a tiny little sparrow. It didn’t even have feathers yet. It was alive, squeaking, lifting it’s little head searching for food, trying to wobble around on it’s weak, spindly little legs.

I googled “how to care for baby birds,” then “abandoned baby birds” & found a phone number for a lady in Tulsa who works at a wildlife preservation & helps rescue wild animals. I called her & after advising me to keep the bird warm, to try to get all three of them & not to feed them (b/c they could easily aspirate), she gave me the number of a wildlife preservation about 45 minutes away from here in Noble, Oklahoma called WildCare Foundation. I called and was told that they could take the baby birds if I could get there before they closed at 7pm.

We got the other 2 baby birds (the boy was relieved, I think, to have a place for them to go) and off we went.

When we arrived, we took the little birds in, they were going to be put in an incubator & then re-hydrated. They’ll begin feeding them after making sure that all is well with their health & that they can handle digesting food. After the birds are bigger & able to survive, they will be released.

We saw big owls, sparrows, crows, squirrels, and an opossum that were recovering in cages. It’s a place totally run on donations. I enjoyed visiting and would consider volunteering for a few hours sometime.

The kids were happy to have helped save the little birds.

Here’s a pic of them in the kleenex filled box we used for transport.

2 Responses

  1. That’s neat that you got them to the bird rescue. When we went to get my speedometer cable changed the other day we found out the people that own the car repair shop are volunteer bird rescuers. They had a baby hummingbird there and it was adorable.

  2. I did a lot of the same things to save our birdies, too!

    I wish there was a place like that Wildcare foundation around here. The gal we found did it right in her home. I’m tempted to open up a clinic. I’m glad you have something nearby!! 😀

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