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Work Schedule

Right now, at the company where I work, employees can choose to work from 8am to 5pm with one hour lunch or from 8:30am to 5:30pm with one hour for lunch. That’s it.

Beginning April 3, this is changing. Employees will be able to work any 8 hours between 7am & 5:30pm with either 30 minutes or one hour for lunch. Management is making this change to make the company a more appealing place to work.

I’m choosing to work from 7am to 3:30pm/30 minute lunch. I will be home at 4pm.. the same time my youngest 2 children get home. My oldest gets home at 3:30. I believe this will make a HUGE difference in our family life.. this extra time in the evenings together. It’s almost 2 hours extra that we will have, as I usually get home around 5:45pm.

The kids are excited. I’m thrilled & relieved.

YAY company I work for!

One Response

  1. My previous place of employment had a similar such arrangement. Where I work now, it’s small and they’re all trying to figure all this stuff out still. Which gives me all sorts of flexibility to do what I need!

    It’s great that they’ve made this change. Family life is the best of times.

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