• March 2006
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Surely I need glasses

This morning after I dried my hair, I noticed something in the mirror. Something kind of sparkly & light. I leaned in a little closer to get a better look. It was still there.

Then I got out a hand mirror to look even closer.. from a new angle..with the light shining just right (with no shadows to impair my view, you know).

I blinked, looked away, focused on something in the distance.. and looked again.
I squinted.
I peered closely.

Is it really there?
It cannot be.
Maybe I’m seeing things.
Hallucinations are common in 36 year old moms, right?

Surely I’m not seeing this!

I’m not ready.


I saw that it was there.

Actually.. THEY were there.

Two of them.

On my head.

Two gray hairs.

It’s official. I’m getting older.

Now when my kids ask me why I’m forgetful, I can tell them it’s because I’m old with gray hair.

UPDATE: I just saw one of my sisters. She said I do not have two gray hairs. She looked & could not see them. My nephew said I must have been hallucinating. My sister said I was imagining things. WHEW! 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Okay be honest, how recently have you dyed your hair and how often? You look much younger than you are, so that might be a halucination. Just curious. ~ Joe

  2. LOL I went with a darker hair color recently… I’m not sure exactly when it was.. will have to review my posts here. Before that, I only did the occasional highlights..mainly in the summer.

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