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Ash Wednesday

is tomorrow.. the beginning of the Lenten season. Are you making any sacrifices?

I’ve decided to give up sugar.

All about Lent
The Season of Lent


Usually I do not feel lonely. A combination of staying busy, work, and the kids keep feelings like that at bay most of the time.

Today with all the dentist & military base mess, rushing back & forth to work to take care of those appointments so I only had to take 4 hours off work, I felt very alone. I was surrounded by people.. even had a child with me at each appointment (or near appointment). But I was alone.

Sometimes I think it would be really nice to be in a relationship. At other times, I think I’d be horrible in a relationship b/c I am so used to it just being me & the kids.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to make any decisions on the “relationship front” at this time… since nothing is looming on the horizon.

This morning, I took the youngest to the dentist. Four cavities. Between the teeth. On baby teeth, thankfully. But cavities, nonetheless. Obviously, I should not have believed her innocent looking doe-eyed professions of, “Yes, I flossed my teeth yesterday. Really, I did!”

Later on today, while taking oldest for her yearly asthma/allergy check up at the air force base, I hit a snag. I had no idea that visitors to the base now require a pass (since 01 January 2006, I learned)… always before I’ve been able to go on base with a valid drivers license & military ID.

Today, I got to sit for 2 hours in a little building just outside the gate with my license, insurance, registration and daughter’s military id… daughter had to accompany me, as she is the card holder and younger brother & sister were in school (she was thrilled, don’t you know).

By the time we got the visitor’s pass, we missed the appointment. Actually, we missed it within the first 30 minutes of waiting. It’s now rescheduled for next Tuesday at 7:20am. Yep. Crack of dawn 7:20.

Luckily, the pass is good until 01 July 2006.. the date the kids’ military ID cards expire. Yippee. I won’t have to sit in the 2 hour line again until June.


Do you listen to audio books? I recently signed up for an account with this service. Today I am downloading my first book from the site. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


I’ve begun a quest to lower my utility bills. The amount of my bill, for the small amount of time that we’re actually home (since I am at work & the kiddos are at school all day) is ridiculous. I know this place is not insulated well and it’s drafty around windows & doors. Since I don’t own this place, I cannot make major permanent changes. I can, however, make a few small changes to make it more energy efficient. I can also change a few things that I have been doing to see if it makes a difference.

I’m not paying this much for electricity any more.

Suburban Turmoil

Suburban Turmoil

Just read this post called “oogle my google” & it is hysterically funny…. I laughed so hard that I snorted. 🙂

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Titanium

1. Backpacking thru Europe for a few months is a dream of mine.
2. The Louvre Museum is a place I think I could spend days on end.
3. The Paris Opera House is a place I’d like to see (after reading Phantom of the Opera.. and then seeing a performance).. I want to see the floor raised & lowered by the water level beneath.
4. 2006 is the 250th celebration of the birth of Mozart in Austria
5. In Finland, I’d go visit the girl who was an exchange student with my family when I was in college. She’s married with 2 sons now.
6. Valletta, Malta‘s Fortress City looks beautiful
7. Latvia, another beautiful country to see
8. Do you think I’d see Victor Krum in Bulgaria?
9. Trogir, Croatia is described as a town-museum.. sounds great!
10. I’d visit my friend/penpal in Istanbul, Turkey
11. Would definitely want to see the castles and manors of Slovakia
12. The Cyprus Archaelogical Museum would be on my “must see” list.
13. Italy by Bike… looks like an awesome tour. I wonder if I’d need to bring my own bigger bike seat.. a skinny seat would not help create a “pleasant tour of Italy” experience for me.

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