• January 2006
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Happy Birthday Oprah!

Today is Oprah Winfrey’s birthday (1954). I guess I should wish her a happy birthday, since my oldest daughter thinks that Oprah has been a better mother to her than I have been. She told me this yesterday, as I was standing my ground about the cleanliness of her bedroom.

Oprah is a better mother because, “she knows what she is talking about.” I don’t know anything these days.. afterall, I am the meanest mom in the universe….having that title takes away brain cells, you know.

I guess oldest daughter missed the Frey incident on Oprah’s show this past week. (pretend I’ve inserted an eye-rolling smiley face here) I wonder if seeing Oprah lambast an author that she previously publicly supported would change her view of her surrogate/pretend mom. It has tarnished my view a bit, I have to say. But this isn’t about that really, is it?

I didn’t mention to oldest daughter that Oprah wouldn’t put up with a messy bedroom or backtalk & that perhaps the reason Oprah didn’t have children was to avoid having children with messy bedrooms & smart mouths.

Oldest daughter has since apologized. I just found it ironic that she said that yesterday & today is Oprah’s birthday.

2 Responses

  1. I think Oprah didn’t have kids because she doesn’t have your patience and endurance.

  2. Some days I like Oprah…and some days I think she’s a little full of herself. It’s a toss up.

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