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These questions were the Thursday Thirteen post of Renee.

1. Well we know that my blog is mainly a “Mommy Blog” with some other stuff thrown in. How would you describe your blog?
Titanium: My blog is a compilation of random thoughts. Sometimes about me, sometimes about my children, sometimes about nothing at all.

2. Why should I visit and post a comment on your blog?
Titanium: It’s wonderful, of course! 🙂

3. Did you use one of the blog templates that came with your site, design your own template or get someone else to do it for you?
Titanium: I found one online & when I couldn’t get it to work, Ginger emailed me a template. I then tweaked it a bit to make it work for me.

4. As you can see, I don’t have a whole lot of the extras on my blog…because I don’t understand how to do them. Do you have a bunch of stuff on your blog and why?
Titanium: I have a few extras. I found them when surfing. When something caught my eye, I followed the link & put it on my blog.

5. Wow! This coming up with 13 questions about you is pretty hard! Maybe I should skip a few? (see how I did that? It’s still a question, but it doesn’t really look like one ;o) )
Titanium: Yeah.. but you’re not skipping any.. are you?

6. First thing in the morning…blog first or eat first?
Titanium: Weekdays – work first. Weekends – blog first.

7. For all the Mommy Bloggers, who gets up first? You or the kids?
Titanium: I get up first during the week. My son gets up first on weekends.

8. For all the single bloggers out there… who fixed your first meal?
Titanium: I’m a single mom, but that’s not what you’re talking about , is it?

9. Are you doing something else while blogging right now? (I’m also listening to the radio)
Titanium: Watching an NBA game on tv.

10. Am I the only blogger out there still using a dial up connection?
Titanium: Probably so. I love my cable connection! It’s faster than DSL was, I think.

11. Right now at the Blog Olympics I’ve got 3 silver medals. Have you checked the olympics out? Are you playing? Do you even know what I’m talking about?
Titanium: I don’t know what that is.. gonna have to check it out.

12. Do you secretly long for a bunch of comments on your blog too?
Titanium: Yes, I LOVE comments!

13. What question are you dying to ask me?
Titanium: Did you get as many responses as you had hoped for? 🙂

One Response

  1. Hey, thanks for playing and for commenting on my blog.

    For your Q#13: I am happy with the results.

    Actually I had this theory that once you post something new on your blog that you will not get any more comments on an old post…I WAS WRONG! I suppose the title has something to do with it, but I’ve gotten about 7 more posts since adding something new. YAY!

    Thanks again

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