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Going to bed early

so I can hit the “after thanksgiving” sales tomorrow morning with my sister. She is so cute. When I walked in the door at mom & dad’s house this morning, she had her shopping list ready & knew what times the stores open & in which order we should visit them.

My list is quite short this year… I don’t think I’ll spend much $$ at all. I just don’t need much that’s in the sale ads and am not going to kill myself for something that’s still the same price I can get it for any other day.


In one month

I will be 36. It is so strange to think that I’ll be that old.

new template

I just changed the template… it looks the same on IE and Firefox on my pc… let me know if you have problems with giant fonts again, ok?

I’ve decided to use the snowflake theme right now for the background… and for the Bon Jovi ticker.. as it is likely the only snow I will see this year here in Oklahoma. 🙂

huge font in posts

Great. I looked at my blog with Internet Explorer after seeing Linny’s comment & the letters in the posts are the letters for the title line. I’m not sure how to change it.. so I made it not bold & set at 100% instead of 340%.

I wonder what that’s all about. The text in posts are black when using firefox browser.

How awful. I am not sure that I’d read it if it looked like that on my screen. I may have to change the template so it looks the same with both browsers.

Sorry, IE users!!


45,430 words now. YIPPEE! Only 4,570 left to go! My goal is to be to 50,000 words by Thanksgiving.. and then to add more to round out my story until the end of the month without having to worry about reaching my goal.

our captain underpants inspired adventure

Last night after dinner, I heard a strange noise in the bathroom. A frantic shuffling and loud dropping of the toilet seat several times.. like someone was lifting & dropping it over & over. I knocked on the door but was answered by youngest daughter saying, NO! Not yet! Hold on a minute!!

So I waited a minute… then went in. It smelled really weird in there. A very “non-bathroom” smell.
I looked around, and noticed something strange on the wall about a foot under the ceiling… and on the toilet bowl.




I called youngest daughter back in there, asked her what in the world ketchup was doing all over the bathroom.

Here’s what she told me:
I was reading a Captain Underpants book and thought I’d try one of his ideas. He put ketchup packets under the seat of the toilet.. under those little things that stick down.. and when someone sits down, it squirts ketchup on their legs. So I tried it. But I pushed down on it really slowly.. and it didn’t squirt straight out. It kind of went in the wrong direction. One went down & the other went up. But I think it would work great if someone sat down really fast like they were going to go potty.

I asked her, What made you think this was a good idea?

Youngest daughter: Well, we had the ketchup packets.

Then youngest daughter reminded me why she likes Captain Underpants so much… “Remember mom? He’s the guy whose grade school teacher said he’d never amount to anything if all he did was draw cartoons all day. And look at him now. So HA on her!”

Good grief.


My ex husband called last night to tell me he’s been classified as “non-deployable.” He was supposed to be deploying to Iraq today. On Wednesday, when he went back in to complete his physical, he was told that something was wrong with his kidney function test. He didn’t say what it was.

So now, his wife has to go afterall (he had volunteered to go in her place, b/c her unit deployed today & they work in the same area, similar jobs). His wife now has to go to Iraq in January. The ex is going to a military hospital for extensive testing sometime in December.

I feel badly for his wife.. having to leave her family. Their children are so young… 4, 3 & 1. When the ex went to Korea when we were married, our kids were 6, 4 & 3.

My/our kids are thrilled at the possibility of seeing their dad & his family for Christmas. 🙂