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I’m so disgusted

After morning church today, my brother in law (BIL), was out in the foyer & saw this guy that looked like he was lost. BIL went up to him & started talking to him. He asked for help with food. So, BIL, not really knowing who to ask since he’s from out of town, turned to me & mom. Mom went & found H., the elder who coordinates the benevolence ministry. H. said we need to talk to B. about the food pantry, but it turns out that B. hasn’t done the food pantry for several years..it’s now run by a lady named L. & one of the deacons, L.

So we tried to track down L. or L., but couldn’t find them. Finally B. came out & told that guy that he could come back on the third Tuesday of the month & get food. After that, I went to find H. again & mom was trying to find dad b/c we were just going to take the guy to a gas station, fill up the gas tank then take him to a grocery store & buy food for him, but in all the confusion, he left.

So…. our church leadership will spend $30,000 on a program to help the church become more “evangelistic”.. but cannot help a man from off the street until the third Tuesday?

I’m so frustrated

I wanted to cry… feeling so helpless.. and disgusted.. and like somehow, the plan that is to be set up to minister to others is not working.

It wasn’t just the elders.. just the attitude of those we tried to get to help us figure out how to help this man as a whole.

A boy, probably 16 or so, saw the whole thing.. and said to BIL, “I cannot believe we let him just walk out without helping him.. there’s tons of food back there in the food pantry.”

We’ve decided that next time, we’ll just take them ourselves & take care of it.

I guess people in my town don’t need help immediately…just on the 3rd Tuesday.
What about every other day, though.. you know?
This guy was hungry today…
I hope he was able to get help today.

The corner where our church is located also has 2 other churches.. different demoninations. I hope that one of those churches were able to help him today.


7 Responses

  1. Ouch.

  2. The 3rd Tuesday..that is rediculous. I really do hope he was finally able to find some help.

  3. Even now.. I feel so disgusted by this.

  4. This is tragic. Really, this very scene is what is wrong with churches today. I don’t know if this church is a Christain church, but wasn’t it Jesus who said, “I was hungry, did you feed me?”

    I guess the paster, the elder and everyone else who stood around would have to answer, “no”.

    I hope you have the courage to take this up with your elder board. Churches today need to be worried about social justice just as much as envangelical outreach.

  5. I’ve called the church office about scheduling a meeting with the elders.

  6. Did you get your meeting yet?

  7. Sunday after morning services.

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