• November 2005
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Last night we had dinner at mom & dad’s house b/c my sister & her
children are in town. Dad loves to do a big fish fry when family is
in from out of town. Actually, that’s not true. He loves to do a big
fish fry anytime. And we love it too. He is the best catfish, french
fry & hush puppy guy ever.. and I’m NOT biased.. at all. 🙂

During dinner, mom told us about some of the people she met at these
meetings she was in all day for this student ambassador travel program
for which she is the area director.

Here’s my favorite from yesterday:

Mom walked up to a lady & said Hi there, my name is Titanium’s mom.
What’s your name? The lady said that her name is Labetta. Mom asked
her how to spell it. She told her. Then mom mentioned how people
probably misspelled her name a lot as LaVetta. The lady said that
people did all the time.

Then mom turned to the lady’s daughter and said Hi my name is
Titanium’s mom. What is your name? The girl said her name is Hang.
Mom asked how to spell it & chatted for a few minutes. Then she
turned to the man who with them and said that she wasn’t going to ask
his first name & how to spell it.. and just said Hi, Mr. ___ (lady’s
last name) b/c it was her husband. The man told mom he is Korean and
they laughed b/c his name is always misspelled too.

Mom said, I have a question.. how did you two meet? They told her
that they met on a blind date. Mom asked how long they knew each
other before they got married. They told her they got married on the
blind date. They went out, liked each other & decided to get married
right then. The man told mom that when they met, he didn’t speak any
English. Mom said WHAT??? How did that work? How did you ask her?
He had a friend who spoke some English. He asked her for him.

Mom then asked Labetta how did she KNOW that he was a man of good
character that she could spend her life with, if she couldn’t speak to
him without an interpreter. She said she looked in his eyes & just
knew. And besides that, she thought he was kind of cute.

The next question from mom was How long have you been married?

30 years!

Amazing story, huh?

I loved it. 🙂

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I just remembered something that I left out of the story….

After mom told us about it, dad said that he thinks the reason their marriage has lasted so long is b/c in the beginning, the guy couldn’t speak English & learned early on to keep his trap shut or to just smile & nod. Smile

He stuck his tongue out & grinned at mom & they giggled… I’m sure they were remembering what a had a hard time with adjusting they had when they first got married…. neither one could cook, dad lost 25 pounds in the first 5 or 6 months.. they thought he had mono.. went to the doctor & he prescribed a cookbook for mom.

The stories they tell about those days are hilarious.