• October 2005
    S M T W T F S
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Colder than hell

I think that is one of the dumbest things to say. How cold does it have to be to be colder than hell? I mean… really.

My image of hell, probably from growing up in the Bible Belt, is fire & brimstone, lakes of fire.. and THAT, my dear friends, is pretty darn hot!

So, in my mind, COLDER than all of that heat doesn’t really have to be very cold.

I wonder.. do people actually listen to what they’re saying? or do they just spout off the first thing that comes to mind without thinking of how utterly stupid it sounds.

Can you tell that this is a pet peeve of mine?

You know what would be funny? To go around in 110 degree weather saying, “It’s COLDER than Hell today!” I bet the looks on people’s faces would be hilarious! I may have to do that next summer when it’s scorching outside & people are complaining about the heat & humidity. LOL

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