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Bread machine, part two

I tried again with the bread machine. I measured the ingredients, then turned the machine on. I watched to be sure the ball of dough was forming and was the correct texture. The blade was not turning. I took out the pan and checked to see if the motor of the machine was working. It was. Then I checked the bottom of the pan to see if the blade was turning. It was not. The blade is completely stuck and won’t turn. It had some gunk & a little rust on it, so I cleaned it off. It still won’t turn. Now I have to see if it is more cost effective to buy a new pan or a new bread machine.


Yesterday, a friend that I work with found out that her cousin had a seizure at work and had to be taken to a local hospital. Her cousin is in her middle thirties and has two children under age ten. My friend received a call this morning and had to immediately go to the hospital because her cousin was not doing well. Her cousin passed away this morning. She had no history of illness and was well until the seizure, as far as everyone knows.

I am very sad and disturbed by this.
It has made me really think about how short life can be.

Oldest daughter in the car tonight. DS took this photo from the backseat.  Posted by Picasa

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The park across the street from my home. DS is on the playground waving.  Posted by Picasa