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Life (the game)

I was looking at a blog that was referenced on Ginger’s blogPaper Forest and remembered playing the game LIFE during my childhood. Once we were playing & my sister kept on drawing the cards that said she’d had another baby. She had not “gotten married” in the game. She finally had to have another car to cart all the kids around in and still, no husband. My mom said that she thought the game LIFE promoted values that she was working to make sure we never had… she teaches/believes in empowerment of women through education & knowledge. She said she thought it seemed that the increase in sister’s amount of pay with no husband was promoting having children out of wedlock & promoting the idea of having more kids to make more money from a welfare check. It was really kind of funny and at the time we thought Mom was being silly. We laughed a lot about it. Mom’s reaction. Sister with all those kids in 2 cars. I’m not sure that we ever played that game again. Maybe Mom got rid of it. Not sure.


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