• July 2005
    S M T W T F S
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Clothes line

I have a clothes line now. Yesterday & today I’ve “hung out the wash,” as Meema always said. My youngest sister teased me when I told her about setting it up. Before I moved, I lived in a more rural area.. not really out in the country, but it felt like it. I never canned or made jelly and hardly ever hung out clothes to dry. I hated the wasps that lived in the eaves of the house & I was always scared I’d get stung if I was out in the back yard messing around with hanging clothes.

Now that I’m in a more “city” environement, I’m doing those things. I think I’m willing to make jelly & can salsa b/c I am now in a place with central air. Before it would’ve been 1000 degrees in that kitchen if I’d been making jelly or canning in the summertime. I rarely cooked in the summertime when I lived there. It was just too hot.

When I told my mom about the clothesline, she said that she loves hanging out clothes too. It’s comforting somehow.. the hanging, then the smell of the clothes, the stiffness of the towels, the fresh smell of sun dried sheets.. reminds me of my childhood. I love how things like that are like a mini visit back to my childhood. 🙂

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