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Aaaaaahh… it’s quiet here

After this past week, I’m really glad to have a quiet house. The kids are at their dad & stepmom’s house for a week or two.

This past week, I have had several things that needed to be fixed & they’re almost all done. First, the downstairs toilet was repaired b/c the seal was leaking water. It was coming from where the toilet connects to the floor & running out of the bathroom & out the front door! My son’s bedroom door was fixed yesterday & the dishwasher is being repaired on Monday. That’s almost the end of the list.. after the dishwasher, the only thing needing to be repaired is the gate on the back fence.

On Tuesday night, the alarm on my car wouldn’t reset… turned out to be the battery. I had no idea that when the alternator was replaced that I needed to have the battery checked. When it was messed up, each time I opened the car door or opened the trunk, the alarm went off for 4 1/2 minutes. I finally pulled out the fuse for the horn b/c there’s no fuse to disable the alarm & my keychain clicker doesn’t work (another repair to add to my list of things to get done). Now the alarm is reset & my neighbors aren’t glaring at me anymore. I felt so badly that night when the alarm went off 3 times! I know they were tired of hearing it.. luckily it was around 7pm & not late in the night.

If I hadn’t been told to get a new battery, I was planning to just climb out the windows “Dukes of Hazzard” style until the alarm was reset. The service dept at the dealership wasn’t going to be able to get the car in for a few days & I wasn’t going to go around beeping the horn each time I got in/out of the car. Can you imagine? I couldn’t even drive off really fast, like a getaway car, b/c I live right by the police station & they’d probably think I was stealing the car & chase me!

I never had to make the “Dukes” escape since everything works again after replacing the battery.. so I have no horror stories to tell about that. 🙂

Last night, I left at 5:30pm to drive to the meeting place that’s about halfway between my house & ex’s house so ex could pick up the kids for their visit. He was to leave at 5:00pm. I got there at 8:30pm. Ex got there at 10:40pm. After sitting for an hour, thinking that maybe he was just stuck in traffic, the kids & I went to get a snack & call him. He said he’d not left his house until 6:45. No wonder he was 2 hours late! I was a little irritated. That’s so inconsiderate…. leaving 2 hours later than planned & not calling ahead to let me know.

I got home a little before 1:30. Had to drive with loud music & open windows for part of the drive, crunching on ice, chewing spicy gum.. to stay awake. I was bleary-eyed & exhausted. The drive didn’t take as long, though b/c I wasn’t stopping to get food & find a potty for the kids twice like on the way down there.

The kids called this morning around 11:00am to say good morning & to make sure I made it home without the alarm going off on the car. I think they were worried about it. Cute, huh? Ex has duty today from 9am until tomorrow at 9am & then he’s off work for the week. They’re looking forward to having time to spend with him off work. I’m glad he took these days to have with them.


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