• July 2005
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My friendly ghost

I have noticed an odd phenomenon in… my bedroom of all places! And, NO, it’s not an X-rated phenomenon!

I have a touch lamp on the nightstand beside my bed. I currently have a make-shift nightstand.. it’s a 2 drawer file cabinet posing as a nightstand.

When I walk across the room or touch the nightstand, the lamp comes on.. low, medium, high, off. For days, I’ve noticed this & have found it curious.. giggling about the idea of telling my kiddos we have a friendly ghost who hangs out in my room turning the lamp on & off.

Last night I lay in bed, not able to sleep, touching the side of the file cabinet, watching the light come on over and over. It was almost like having a clapper. Clap on, clap off. I never had one of those things.. but thought they looked like they’d be great fun, for a while at least.

I know it’s b/c the metal of the file cabinet is conducting energy somehow.. but I don’t really understand it b/c there’s felt lining on the bottom of the lamp which I thought would prevent this kind of problem from happening. Well, that and to prevent scratching of whatever surface it sits upon.

3 Responses

  1. I was just going to say, it sounds like there is a short in the light somewhere. (Or possibly in the plug that it’s plugged into.) I had this happen a long time ago in our living room — eventually I had someone look at it and they said the plug was wired wrong, and that it was lucky I hadn’t gotten shocked.

  2. I would agree. I would unplug it, carefully, perhaps using a cloth of some kind to shield your hand (and use your right hand). Something worse than a shock could possibly eventually happen if left like this, methinks.

  3. Thanks, guys. Here I was thinking it was kind of funny & quirky.

    I’ll unplug it carefully tonight. 🙂

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