• July 2005
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My friendly ghost

I have noticed an odd phenomenon in… my bedroom of all places! And, NO, it’s not an X-rated phenomenon!

I have a touch lamp on the nightstand beside my bed. I currently have a make-shift nightstand.. it’s a 2 drawer file cabinet posing as a nightstand.

When I walk across the room or touch the nightstand, the lamp comes on.. low, medium, high, off. For days, I’ve noticed this & have found it curious.. giggling about the idea of telling my kiddos we have a friendly ghost who hangs out in my room turning the lamp on & off.

Last night I lay in bed, not able to sleep, touching the side of the file cabinet, watching the light come on over and over. It was almost like having a clapper. Clap on, clap off. I never had one of those things.. but thought they looked like they’d be great fun, for a while at least.

I know it’s b/c the metal of the file cabinet is conducting energy somehow.. but I don’t really understand it b/c there’s felt lining on the bottom of the lamp which I thought would prevent this kind of problem from happening. Well, that and to prevent scratching of whatever surface it sits upon.

The Dobster is really smart

He knows that I don’t like him walking on/landing on/running across the keyboard when I’m on the computer… I pick him up & move him each & every time he gets on it. I know he KNOWS because each time he gets on it now, he RUNS really fast across it to the other side. It’s kind of funny.. although frustrating because now he’s big enough to make the keys go down. Before, he could walk on it & the keys didn’t depress. He’s growing up!

I just realized that he was 7 months old on Monday.