• July 2005
    S M T W T F S
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Today, I made jelly

for the first time. I made jalapeno jelly with red & green peppers. A lady at work makes jalapeno jelly & brings it to have as a snack sometimes with cream cheese & crackers. It’s quite addictive.

I’ve been thinking of making gift baskets for the holiday season for family & friends and thought jalapeno jelly would be a nice addition. If this batch turns out, I’ll have to make more soon before all the summer canning supplies are hard to find.

The process was pretty easy, albiet very smelly. Apple cider vinegar mixed with peppers & sugar creates a VERY strong odor. Chopping jalapeno peppers with rubber kitchen gloves on is time consuming. The bell peppers were much easier since I didn’t have to use gloves for that part. I was surprised that so few ingredients were needed. Only sugar, pectin, peppers and apple cider vinegar. The entire process from chopping to finish took about 2 hours. I wound up with eight pint sized jars. They’re lined up in my window sill. I feel like such a happy homemaker. LOL

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