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Fortune Cookie

Today my fortune cookie said:

That which you think is a secret, is not.

What the hell does that mean? That I don’t need to send a postcard to POSTSECRET b/c it’s not a secret??? Darn it!




About a week ago, youngest daughter decided that whining was THE WAY to get what she wants. SHE IS DRIVING ME NUTS!! It’s gotten worse, which I didn’t think was possible, after the Frontier City episode.

I have heard more whining in the past week than in the entire past year all together. I HATE WHINING! Have you guessed that already? It’s annoying.. it’s her playing the role of VICTIM.. it’s manipulative… it’s just plain old irritating.

Makes me want to yell at her.. but that’d be giving a response… a desired reaction.. any reaction, right? So I calmly tell her that I don’t listen to whining once she stops it. I give no response as she whines, pretending to ignore it as my nerves are grated upon and my teeth are clenched together so tightly that I am starting to get a headache. The best tactic tonight has been to either go in the kitchen & listen to the Harry Potter audio book or to clean. She’s been careful to not get too close tonight when I am cleaning & vacuuming b/c she doesn’t want to be put to work. She’s VERY persistent, BTW. A good trait under different circumstances. But not today. Daughter seems to think that if she whines enough, more loudly, more often, more persistently, higher pitched.. that eventually I will respond.

She’s fortunate that I’ve got MORE will power & persistence than she and that I am choosing to ignore her whining. Very fortunate.