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My sidekick

Today, youngest daughter has stayed pretty close to me. She’s not talked much about her experience last night at Frontier city. One of the few times it was mentioned, she asked me if I’d have called my mom instead of riding with a drunk driver or in the cab with him.. I said that I thought I’d have called my parents and that I am glad she called me. Another time, she worried that her friend wouldn’t be able to come over to play or invite her over anymore.

I guess the dad is too embarrassed to call & apologize.. either that or he just doesn’t care… or maybe he’s mad that I taught my child to not ride with someone she’s not comfortable with & that she found a security guard & asked for help. Whatever. He should be ashamed for drinking when he was in charge of 2 nine year old girls.. one of them his own child! I’d be ashamed if I were him. I mean, who cares what he does on his own time… drink up, buddy.. but not when you are in charge of 2 little girls… especially in a crowded place like an amusement park or a concert! Sheesh.

I think it’s tacky that he hasn’t called to apologize or even to see if my child made it home ok (he was no longer at Frontier City when I arrived to get my daughter.. he & his daughter had already left in the cab), and I’m angry that he put my child in the position of having to ask for help, of having to wait alone & scared with 3 deputy sheriffs, and of having to see him wobbling & slurring, which scared her quite a bit.

Although I’m still angry about it, I’m not as shaken up as I was earlier. I’m really proud of my daughter and have told her several times that I’m so glad she did the right thing.