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Our TV

has not been turned on at all today…. it’s 11:15am on a Saturday. Phenomenal.

I went into son’s room this morning at 3:30am (woke up when youngest daughter came in to ask if she could sleep in my room) and oldest daughter was laying on son’s floor with her pillow & a sheet listening with son to the audio book. Son was sleeping at the time.

I’ve read the first 4 chapters (three before falling asleep this morning & one chapter after I woke up), oldest daughter is reading chapter eight laying in the hallway floor upstairs, son is listening in his room & is in chapter 7, youngest daughter just woke up & has heard a few things from son & oldest daughter but will start listening from the beginning soon.

It’s a Potter-kind-of-day at our house. šŸ™‚

My mom called this morning at 8:00am to see how it went last night. She & my dad are going on vacation this week & stopped by a bookstore to get the book before heading out of town. My dad just rolls his eyes. Mom is going to read while they drive the RV to Colorado.

Mom & Dad’s best friends (well, Dad’s best friend since junior high & his wife, who is now Mom’s good friend) are going with them. Dad & his friend have been messing with their new walkie talkies to make sure they can talk as they drive. Mom just said, “Good grief. If I didn’t want to avoid driving, I’d say that the boys need to ride together & let the girls ride together!” ha! Funny stuff.

She said that their friends are not as excited about the new Harry Potter book as she is… but that’s ok. She’ll just read as Dad drives….

when she’s not being interrupted by walkie-talk…. “Breaker breaker 1-9. Over & out. Roger that.”

2 Responses

  1. How funny – do your dad and his friend have walkie talkies to communicate with on the road? LOL That kind of cracks me up!

  2. Yep! I’m sure I’ll get to hear loads of funny stories about them with their walkie talkies when they get back next week! šŸ™‚

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