• July 2005
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Another late night

for me. I let my youngest daughter (9 yrs old) spend the night with her best friend tonight. Her friend is staying with her dad this summer & is with her mom every other weekend. Today, they went to Frontier City, which is kind of like Six Flags but on a smaller scale. Phil Vassar (a country singer) was in concert there tonight, so they were going to get home kind of late & daughter was going to be home tomorrow around noon.

I got a call at 11:00pm tonight from a man asking if I have a daughter, telling me he was a Deputy Sheriff & that I needed to come pick her up b/c her friend’s dad had too much to drink at the concert and is being made to take a taxi home. My daughter didn’t want to ride to their house in the taxi & wanted me to come pick her up.

So off I go, 2 other kiddos in tow, to Frontier City. I’ve not been there since the early 1990’s, so I wasn’t even sure which exit to take. I found it, found the entrance, pulled in & saw daughter standing at the entrance with 3 officers.

The Deputy Sheriff told me how brave daughter was & how proud of her he is. He said that she felt uncomfortable b/c her friend’s dad was acting weird & it scared her. So she found a security guard & asked for help. They questioned him, decided that he had too much to drink at the concert & told him he’d have to take a cab home. Daughter asked them to call me.

I’m proud of her. A little angry that her friend’s dad let things get out of hand when he had my child with him. My kids have never seen anyone who was drunk. I’ve hardly even had a drink in front of them. It’s just not what I do.

Daughter is worried about her friend & that she’ll not be invited over anymore. I guess her friend’s dad made a few tacky comments about her asking the security guard for help.

I told her that she did the right thing & that I’m glad she knew to call me instead of getting into a car with someone who had too much to drink. Good grief. I’m glad I’d talked with the kids about situations that might come up & taught them that they can ALWAYS call me & I’ll be there.. but I didn’t think she’d need to use that information at 9 years of age! I guess I thought I was preparing them for junior high/high school parties & stuff that I know they’ll be exposed to no matter how hard I try to protect them.

The aftermath of it all.. the shock of the phone call, the fear that froze my heart when the man said, “This is the deputy sheriff calling Mrs. _____, do you have a daughter? Could you tell me her name & birthdate? I have her here with me.” OMG. I thought I was going to pass out. Then when I found out what it was about, I was angry. Angry with her friend’s dad that he did that when he was in charge of my child. Angry with myself for allowing her to go & be in a situation like that.

I’m starting to ramble… and am freaking out a little. Going to try & get some sleep now… after I go hug my kiddos one more time & thank GOD that I know where they are… safe & sound.

2 Responses

  1. Wow, you should be proud she knew to get help. (And it sounds like you are.) Still scary though.

  2. You’ve got a brave little girl. I always tell my daughter the same… just call I’ll come pick you up – no questions asked…. but like you said.. I consider it preparing her for junior/high school.

    I’m not sure I’d even want my daughter around that man anymore…. he obviously don’t use the best judgment.

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