• July 2005
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Time wasted at work survey

On the local radio afternoon show that I listen to, the DJs have been talking about this survey. Each afternoon this week, people have called in to tell how they waste time at work. It’s ranged from calling in to radio shows, to napping, to playing football with baked potatoes when no customers were in the restaurant.


There’s a guy in the office where I work who is away from his desk about half of each day. If I turn my head, his empty chair is in my line of vision. He can be found visiting others at their desks, in his “office” (the restroom), or just wandering about. I’m not sure exactly what he does besides these things I’ve listed. I find it amazing that he considers himself to be a hard worker.

I guess I’m not being a good example of a hard worker if I’m noticing that he’s not at his desk, huh? If I was a truly dedicated worker, I’d be so absorbed in my job that I’d not notice something as petty as whether he was wandering around or checking on his “office” again.

BTW, one of the DJs said that Oklahomans waste an average of 2.7 hours each day (not including lunch hour) when they’re on the clock.

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