• June 2005
    S M T W T F S
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I’ve had it

These kids have driven me to the point of insanity with their spilling of drinks on the living room floor when they’re wrestling around & acting silly. Tomorrow I’m buying sippy cups for them. If they want to act like little babies who cannot keep their drink in their cup, I’ll treat them like little babies.

I’d thought that at 9, 10 & 11 (12 in a month), they’d outgrown this mess. I was WRONG.

So, all the regular cups & glasses (without lids) are off limits for a while. This is totally ridiculous. As if I don’t have enough going on without them acting like little fools spilling water all over the place. Do they think that b/c it’s ONLY water that it’s ok to soak the carpet? Why do they think that just laying a towel over it will make it dry? Do they think that the towel will magically soak up the water? I’ve told them for a decade that they need to step on the towel to soak up whatever has spilled on the carpet. Evidently, my words went flying out the window. Nice to know that it was all wasted energy.

I’m going to bed. Tomorrow after work, before we start moving boxes, I’m buying a set of 3 sippy cups for my “little babies.”

BTW, the “little babies” part was said VERY sarcastically in my head as I typed it.. could you hear the dripping sarcasm as you read the words?


OK. I think I can sleep now. Had to get that out of my head before I exploded.

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