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Packing to move

has been an adventure and a learning experience for me.

My son has completely packed up his bedroom & is ready to move.

The girls are a different story. Their room looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. A BIG ONE! Tonight I spent an hour helping them sort thru things, get rid of things they no longer wear or use, and pack some of the things that will be going to the new place.

I’ve told them that whatever is not packed by Thursday night will be in a trashbag & out by the curb on Friday.. since we’re moving on Saturday. I will be able to see which things they truly care about by what they pack, right?

I think my oldest daughter would be much neater if youngest daughter didn’t storm thru the room leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. When we move, they’ll no longer have to bunk their beds and will be on opposite sides of their bedroom, so it should be easier to keep their belongings separate. I’m hoping this will encourage them to take better care of their things.

As it is, I’m seeing that maybe they have too much. Perhaps, giving them too much has led them to believe that they don’t need to be careful with their things – shoes, toys, clothes, books, cd’s, movies, jewelry, everything –  nothing is sacred, it seems.

I remember when I was growing up, my sisters & I took such good care of our things. We had a lot, but still appreciated all that we had & were so careful. I still have paperdolls that I had when I was in 2nd grade. I have a set of drawing pencils that were special to me & I didn’t lose one of them. I have toys & puzzles that still have all the pieces.

My children (my son is not as bad about this as my 2 daughters) don’t take care of their things. They see me taking care of my belongings.. but for some reason, I’ve not passed this attitude on to them. I wonder what I’m doing differently than my parents did with me & my sisters.

My sisters have noticed the same thing with their children – this disregard for belongings –  the attitude that belongings are disposable so there’s no need to be careful & keep them for a long time.

I’m not happy with what I’m seeing. Not sure what I’m going to do differently. I’m going to give it lots of thought & attempt to find a way to instill in my children an appreciation for their belongings and a sense of pride in how they care for their things.


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