• June 2005
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Chicken Littles (part 2)

This morning at work, someone thought they smelled a natural gas leak. I’m not even sure that our building uses natural gas. I thought it used only electric service.

The flock of Chicken Littles started up again with their gloom and doom predictions. They were all getting headaches from the fumes, we needed to evacuate & go home so the building didn’t blow up, we were all going to die in a gas explosion.  Good grief.

We all left the building and the natural gas people came out & went thru with the maintenance crew. No gas leak. Mysteriously, the smell disappeared by the time we all came back in the building.

I never smelled it, by the way. My only headache was from all the Chicken Little end of the world crap.

I think someone must have heard a news report of a big gas leak about 10 miles away from our building. Several businesses & apartment complexes had to be evacuated b/c of a natural gas leak this morning.

The Chicken Littles make me tired.

One Response

  1. I know they are pathetic, but the story is actually kind of funny.. I got a great visual of everybody mysteriously getting headaches from a gas leak that didn’t exist! LOL

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