• June 2005
    S M T W T F S
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A lady that I know

told me that she doesn’t have $$ to buy any groceries this pay period. It came up when I was talking about moving some things into my parents’ freezer or getting rid of some of the things in my freezer that’s been there for a while so I don’t have to move it all next weekend. I’ve been cooking meat from the freezer & just buying produce/dairy/bakery stuff that I’ve run out of. She told me that I could bring her whatever I was going to get rid of & that she’d cook it up & then told me about having no grocery $$.

She lives about 10 minutes from me. So this afternoon, I called to tell her I wanted to bring her a few things & asked if it was ok. I had gotten a few things for her when I went to the grocery store & was going to give her some steaks & a 10 lb bag of chicken tenders from my freezer.

I told her I’d be there between 5:30 & 6:00. I get there at 5:30. Knock, ring the doorbell, wait. Knock, ring doorbell again, wait more. Wait for about 10 more minutes in the 99 degree humidity we’re enjoying right now in case she’s in the shower or something… still no answer.

Came home.

Kind of frustrating. At the same time, I hope she’s ok & that nothing happened.

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  1. That was very kind of you, T.. I’m glad to know you! Lubs

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