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She’s home from the lake.. sunburned, sore, happy. Actually, she’s spending the night at my parents’ house with my son & 2 of her cousins. She’s decided she doesn’t really like water skiing b/c the skis are hard to stand up on. 🙂 She likes innertubing much more, but is already sore from hanging on & being thrown all around on it. She told me that once the inner tube flipped over. She & her friend were underneath it & had to swim under it to get in the sunlight. It had a bottom on it… like a bowl. She said that going underwater to swim under it was hard to do b/c of the life jackets.

She put on the sunscreen I sent with her after she was sunburned & had to take a bath with vinegar in the water tonight. I don’t know if this works or not, but it’s what my mom made us do when we got sunburned growing up. When she was getting ready for her bath, mom brought out the vinegar. I told my daughter that she was going to smell like a pickle. She giggled & said it hurt to scrunch up her nose. I gave her aloe vera gel to put on when she got out of the tub. Mom help her put it on. She had to stand in front of a fan to dry before putting her jammies on. She called to tell me about it.

My son is disappointed that Miami lost tonight. He wanted them to be the NBA Champions this year. He’s been following them all season. Shaq is his favorite, but he knows the names/stats of most of the Miami players… well, most of the NBA players, I think. That boy LOVES basketball.

Speaking of Miami… the flights are too pricey for me to do right now. Darn it. 😦 I’m not so happy about it. But such is life. As my friend told me, “There will be another time. Don’t worry. There will definitely be time for us to spend together.”