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Funny Daughter

My 11 year old daughter (oldest child of 3) just vacuumed the living room floor. When she finished, she wiped her forehead dramatically & said, “Whew! I feel just like a sweaty pig that’s been chased by a drunk farmer.” Then she turned & started putting up the vacuum like what she’s said was normal. I was cracking up. I couldn’t ask her HOW she knows what that feels like or where she came up with that b/c I knew I’d be hooting with laughter. I just said with a semi-straight face that she must have really worked hard to feel like that. She said, “yep.”

I’m rolling! LOL

OK… I have to add this. It’s now 6-4-05. I just washed & waxed the car. The first thought that popped in my head when I was wiping sweat from my face was… “I feel just like a sweaty pig that’s been chased by a drunk farmer!” LOL 🙂


State of Fear by Michael Crichton

Just finished this book last night. I found it at the library a couple of days ago & once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.

It’s about politics/environmentalism (specifically global warming).

The author cites many scientific journals, articles and books throughout the novel. I’ve read the bibliography (the author comments on most of the listings) and have found several that I want to find for more research.

Dobby is going to the vet tomorrow

to get his wings & toenails clipped. The receptionist asked if I wanted his beak filed down too, but I said I didn’t know if he needed it or not. She said the vet will let me know when he checks Dobby.

I had considered not getting his wings clipped.. but decided to go ahead & do it. He’s been flying really high all around the house. I’m worried about him flying into the ceiling fans or getting into things he shouldn’t be in.

I’ve read lots of “HOW TO” articles about clipping cockatiel wings, but I’m not confident enough to do it myself and am not sure the kids would be able to help me hold him safely. I think it will be well worth $18.00 to have the vet do it.