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I am in such a poopy mood today

The bird has bitten me twice today & keeps flying away… then chirping b/c he’s stuck up on top of the curtains & not sure how to get down. He needs his wings clipped. The second time he bit me I wanted to smack him. But all I did was put him in his cage in time out.. again. Now he’s on my shoulder again, but still on my nerves a bit b/c I’m expecting to get bitten again anytime. Maybe that’s the problem. I wonder if he can sense that feeling like horses & dogs can sense things.

My kids are on my nerves. I want school to start again NOW! Well, tomorrow would be ok. All they’ve done today (it’s 12:30) is argue with each other, leave messes everywhere, and sit around in their pj’s without brushing their teeth! I let them sleep in the living room last night & watch movies until really late (2am). When I do this, I have to work hard to not get frustrated with their blankets/pillows on the living room floor when I first wake up. It drives me insane. I gave them a 30 minute limit after a couple of hours of biting my tongue. I finally told them to get dressed, straighten up their messes, brush their teeth & hair & get outside. We have nice weather here today.. in the 70’s.. kind of overcast & breezy. No excuse for not playing outside.

Now a book salesman came to my door. UGH! I would hate that job more than I can imagine. But at least he’s trying to work. I had already bought the books he’s selling from a girl 2 summers ago.. books that help with school stuff/research thru college.. so I declined.

OK. I’m finished with my ranting.

UPDATE: My mood is better. I didn’t realize when I was so poopy that I’d not eaten yet today! A few nutrients make all the difference!


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