• May 2005
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online auctions??

I’ve heard loads of stories about people making a decent income by selling through online auctions… some as to replacing a part-time job and a few that have made enough to quit their full time jobs. I have a friend who found an antique sewing machine on the sidewalk in front of her neighbor’s house, asked them if she could have it, took a pic of it & sold it online for $350.00! I know another guy who paid for a new computer by selling beanie babies online back in the late 1990’s.

My mom knows a guy who goes to estate sales each Friday morning & sells the stuff he finds thru online auctions. And a girl I work with is friends with a guy who sells music cd’s online & makes more than he did at his full time job. When he started consistently making as much or more than he did at his full time job, he quit his job & began online auctioning full time. Another lady I know goes to garage sales to buy things then sells them online & makes as much as she did at her full time job.. and now she’s home with her young child full time doing online auctions.

I’ve got a lot of stuff to sell and am thinking of selling online since I don’t like having garage sales…. and who couldn’t use extra income?

I found & checked out several books at the library that are HOW TO guides for selling online. I’m gonna see how I do with this. I’d love to be able to generate enough income to not have to work full time when finishing my degree. If I could work part time, sell online to round out my income & go to school full time, I’d be able to finish much quicker… 2 years full time instead of 4 or 5 years part time.

I think the key is to find an area to specialize in.. or to learn to recognize things that will sell well online & get them listed in a way that’s noticeable.

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