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countdown ticker / homeschool / cleaning up the house

Last night, I made a silly countdown ticker for how many days until school starts again. Just now, as I was forcing my kids to help me clean up the house & get things packed up for when we move later this summer, I was thinking of my sis who homeschools her children… the sis who’s due with her 6th baby any day now.

I just don’t have the patience for homeschooling & cannot imagine not having the end of summer to look forward to. I mean, I love summer, not having so much going on, kind of a slower pace with the kids… but you know what I mean, right? I was so happy when my kids were old enough to go to kindergarten. The year before that, they drove me nuts. I still believe that is nature’s way of making sure parents are ready to send their kids off to kindergarten.

I have a good friend who homeschools & is great with her kids. They’ve all gone to school at one point or another and have all gone in a grade or 2 above their age group b/c she’s taught them above their “grade level.”

I really think I’d be on the news for harming my kids if I did that…. judging by how infuriating the kids were today when I asked them to help out around the house.

All I asked them to do was:
oldest daughter, oil wood table & chairs and sweep kitchen floor
son, switch clothes from washer to dryer & empty dishwasher
youngest daughter, take out trash & vacuum living room floor.

They were so difficult. I had to stay on each of them about each little detail of their tasks. Is it hard to grasp the concept of putting the glasses in the cabinet after taking them out of the dishwasher? Is it difficult to remember to use the dustpan & get the dirt pile off the floor after sweeping? Is it hard to remember to wind up the vacuum cleaner cord & put the vacuum away after using it?

It’s not hard for ME to remember, but evidently it is VERY hard for my 9, 10, and 11 year old kids. UGH! It took every ounce of persistence I could muster to not just make them go outside & do it myself b/c it would have been easier. I knew it’d be best for me to reinforce doing things the right way the first time.. for me to not give in to their whining.. I know they were hoping that if they whined enough I’d get tired of listening to it & send them on their way to play. It’s worked lots of times, actually, so now I have to undo that.

During/after my divorce (about 4 yrs ago now), I gave in a lot to their whining. I felt guilty that their dad was no longer around. I didn’t want them to suffer. So I didn’t demand anything from them. Now, I regret that and am having to instill habits in them that should’ve been there years ago. Consequences suck sometimes.

NO, there’s no way I could homeschool my children, even if it was possible financially for me to be home with them. I’m just not patient enough.

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