• May 2005
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Fat Girl

My youngest sister is pregnant and due in about a week. Her youngest son will be 3 in August. Tonight when I was talking to my sister, she told me this funny story about him.

A week or so ago, she asked him (youngest son) to go do something. He looked right at her & said, “OK, Fat Girl!” My sister asked him, “What? What did you just say?” and he repeated it, then went to go do whatever it was that she’d asked him to do. She thought it was extremely funny but didn’t laugh. She wanted to teach him that calling names is not ok & that it hurts the feelings of others.

The next time he said Fat Girl, my sister told him that it hurt her feelings for him to call her that & reminded him that name calling is not nice. So now, he will get really close to her & say, “Fat Girl? Don’t say Fat Girl, right Mommy? We don’t say Fat Girl.” He will say it as many times as he can in this context so that he’s not actually calling her that, but is getting to say the forbidden phrase.

It reminds me of my oldest daughter when she was about 3 yrs old saying, “My mom said we can’t say SHUT UP. So, don’t say Shut up, ok? We cannot say SHUT UP.” She’d wind up saying it about 50 times when telling someone that we didn’t say that. It was really funny. Now my nephew is doing that same thing! 🙂

Kids are so funny.

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