• May 2005
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I’ve been thinking about health today, and quality of life. They go hand in hand, I believe.

I’m exploring how I feel about these questions:
–Do I feel better when I’m eating healthier foods, drinking more water, working out more.. or only when the numbers on the scale are lower?

–Do I care more about how my clothes fit, how I look or how I feel?

–What can I do now to improve my health & redefine my views of HEALTHY.. not just physical but MENTAL health as well?

lower carb diet
less caffeine
more exercise
more water
to bed earlier
stress reduction
finish degree
keep consistency in disciplining the children
require children to help more around the house

(I tend to let them play & do it myself b/c it’s easier.. not good for any of us really… more work for me, no ownership for them)

These are things that would be easily implemented… well, maybe not cutting down on caffeine just yet. That’d go along with getting more rest & less stress, I think. I’m prone to caffeine withdrawals/severe headaches when I quit cold turkey… and that makes me NO FUN to be around.. so not going that route again anytime soon.

I don’t want to be supermodel thin.. or anything unrealistic.. I just want to be comfortable with my size, healthy & strong, able to raise my children & to feel like running & playing with them after working all day.

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  1. I’m glad you posted this.. I’m going to work on that stuff too!

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