• May 2005
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Meanest Mom in the Universe

Do you like my official title?

I would say it’s new, but it’s not. It’s been my title for some time now (several years at least).. but it comes and goes. Some days I am the BEST MOM EVER. Once, I was even a COOL MOM. Can you imagine that? COOL by kids’ standards! lol

Tonight, is one of the WORST MOM nights.

The kids have been arguing, talking back, fighting with each other, being disobedient & bending the rules in any way they can for a few days now. I’m not sure what brought this on.. this edging up to my line in the sand.. seeing how close they can get before they reach the point of no return. Regardless of what has started this behavior, it’s created consequences in my children’s lives. They’ve reached “that point.”

Over the last 3 days, they’ve lost their gameboys, their radios, tv time, computer time (individual consequences for their own actions.. not lumped together into a big bunch of 3 kids). I saved the WORST for last. Early bedtime. Tonight it’s 8pm instead of the usual 9pm.

As I type, all 3 children are lying on their beds, reading quietly. If they talk, it’s LIGHTS OUT. If they’re quietly reading, they can stay up until 8:30 or 8:45.

Early shower time / dinner time / bedtime was met with loud protests… of course. I just said simply that if they continued with their rantings, we’d have to keep practicing early bedtime until we got it figured out. I told them that some people might need several weeks to get early bedtime down to a routine before they could start going to bed at their normal times again. .
Surprisingly, that curbed the protests.. at least the verbal ones.

The kids are not happy about going to bed early, but they kept their hateful comments to themselves and have kept eye rolling to a minimum.

Aaahhh… quiet at last. 🙂

I think I’ll go soak in the tub with a good book and a tall glass of Diet Dr. Pepper.