• May 2005
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Mrs. V and me

Mrs. V. was my 6th grade Reading teacher. For some reason, I was fascinated by her. She was not a warm or friendly woman (at least not to students) — she was rather cold and austere.

She had shiny dark brown hair that she had done in a beauty parlor once a week. It was sprayed stiff and didn’t move. I had never seen anyone as young as her (she is about the age of my parents) have their hair done like that. When she scratched her head, with a pencil, all of her hair moved at once.

Mrs. V. also had very long polished fingernails. I bit my fingernails and wished for nails like hers. I tried and tried to let my nails grow out, but they’ve still never looked like hers.

Mrs. V. used a chalk holder that held 3 pieces of chalk to make straight lines on the chalk board and had beautiful precise penmanship. She kept her desk and grade books very organized.

I have never been a very organized person and have learned as an adult to use a planner. If I have it written down, I’m more likely to get it done. If it’s not written down, it doesn’t get done.

Mrs. V. did not inspire me to be a better student. I easily made A’s in her class. I only remember her organization… not her sharing a love of books or learning. I remember wondering if she was precise and organized in all areas of her life. I thought it might be boring to be so planned & stiff about every detail.

While I still strive for organization, and at times feel I am losing the battle, I definitely do not lead a boring existence. Life is colorful and full of surprises and lots of laughter, often at my expense. 🙂 My children have learned that losing our way on a road trip is not a tragedy but an adventure.